For patients in clear unmet needs in a wide range of conditions, MYCB1 Apotheek offers standardized medicinal cannabis extracts, available as prescription-only medicines in the z-index.

As there is a lack of scientific evidence on the efficacy of cannabinoid based products, MYCB1 has developed ALETTA 1.0, a Real-World Data Management platform that helps clinicians and researchers to gather Real-World Evidence (RWE) on patients under cannabinoid treatment.

Together with a free delivery system for precise dosing of the medication and tools for adherence and side effects tracking; MYCB1 + ALETTA makes it possible to manage the treatment for optimal outcomes.

MYCB1 Apotheek is a HKZ and ISO 9001 certified public pharmacy, offering the full range of pharmaceutical care to patients with agreements with the top health insurers. MYCB1 Apotheek is the first pharmacy in The Netherlands complying with the highest standards for information protection according to ISO 27001 and NEN 7510.

KNMP-PRISMA has selected a study conducted with ALETTA 1.0 to be presented at the PRISMA Symposium 2022 on Real-World Evidence.

For more information, please contact Ernesto Diringuer